COVID-19 Fiji: Fiji changes adult vax population, revises coverage downward

Fiji’s Ministry of Health has set a new adult vaccination target population, higher than the initial target by more than 31,000, and subsequently revised downward its coverage.

Based on the new target population, the coverage rate for both the first dose and second dose stands at 95.2% (588,599 adults) and 64.4% (398,077) respectively as of yesterday, from 98% (587,948) and 66% (387,320) on19 September.

However, the ministry has not ruled out making adjustments to the target population as it continues its mop-up program.

The ministry has also set at 45,691 its initial target population for the vaccination program for children aged between 15 and 17 years, which continues today in the central, northern and western divisions. As with the adult target population, this will be revised.

There were some teething issues, the ministry said regarding day one of vaccination on Monday, “which we will continue to iron out over the next few days.”

The ministry also reminds parents and guardians that the vaccination coverage rate in children will not determine the school starting dates.

“A task force has been established to look at ensuring adequate and appropriate oversight over the implementation and maintenance of all measures needed to make the school environment as safe as possible.”

Persons who are currently ill or have valid reasons for delaying their vaccination are requested to apply for possible temporary exemptions through

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