COVID-19 Fiji: Daily case numbers surpass 100

Fiji recorded 107 new coronavirus cases yesterday, surpassing the 100 mark in daily cases for the first time in five months as numbers pick up.

The last time such daily numbers were recorded was in January, towards the latter end of the peak of the country’s third coronavirus wave.

On 31 January alone, Fiji recorded 335 new cases before numbers dropped to less than a hundred daily, numbering 83 on 1 February and 12 on 2 February and thereafter has been consistent until yesterday’s count.

The 107 COVID-19 cases were among 243 recorded over three days of which 51 were registered on Tuesday 5 July and 85 on Wednesday 6 July.

Hospitalisation and Posivity Rate

Hospitalisation numbers increased by 40 percent when compared to the ministry’s previous update on Monday 4 July – from 45 to 63. Of the 63 cases in the hospital, 58 are asymptomatic, four are in the moderate category, and 1 or 2% is classified as severe.

The average daily positivity rate also increased over the same period to 4.3 percent from 3.8%.

Vaccination and COVID-19 protocols

The Ministry of Health reiterated the need for eligible persons to be vaccinated, and receive booster doses when it is due likewise the need to reinstate safe COVID-19 protocols such as mask-wearing and washing of hands in workplaces and communities.

Vaccination, including the booster doses, the ministry adds will not prevent someone from getting infected, however, it will protect against severe and critical consequences of the virus.

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