COVID 19 Fiji: Community credited in Nabouwalu containment area uplifting

Containment protocols in Nabouwalu have been uplifted after no new cases were reported at the completion of the 14-day zoning of the area.

All 102 contacts of the index Nabouwalu wharf worker all returned negative tests likewise swabs collected from within the containment area and its immediate surroundings, coupled with daily screening results which did not show “any surges of respiratory illness.’

Dose one vaccination coverage for the containment area has also increased by 17 per cent, with dose two coverage at 25 per cent.

Permanent Secretary for Health Dr James Fong expressed his gratitude to the Nabouwalu community for their support and adherence to COVID-19 protocols.

“It was very heartening for the medical team to note the marked reduction in social gathering and increased adherence to covid protocols especially in public areas and retails shops. The Nabouwalu Community must be congratulated for this sterling demonstration of community spirit. We especially acknowledge the efforts of the Multi Ministerial Community Engagement team led by the Provisional Administrator Bua and the leadership shown by village leaders and elders in the Nabouwalu area.”

Meanwhile, border control measures at the Nabouwalu jetty will be maintained and has been strengthened with regular screening and swabbing of all individuals involved in daily operations. The wharf area will also be cordoned off as a restricted area from the public during operating hours.

“All 17 Primary contacts have completed quarantine with negative tests on Day 1, Day 4 & 12 and are therefore pose no risk to the community. All 85 Secondary contacts had returned negative tests. A total of 708 Surveillance Swabs collected from communities in the containment area by the Mobile Screening Team all returned negative. Furthermore, daily symptom screening did not reveal any surges of Respiratory illness. An additional 408 swabs collected from areas outside the containment zone have all returned negative. The dose 1 vaccination coverage for the containment area was at 67% at the beginning of the lockdown and now 84% with dose 2 coverage at 25%. The 46 vulnerable individuals inside the containment area were covered daily by the Mobile team and have remained stable to date.”

PS Health Dr James Fong – COVID19 Update – 31 August 2021
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