COVID-19 Fiji: 14 new deaths and 32 new cases in Fiji

Fiji’s death from COVID-19 numbers have risen to 694 after 14 unvaccinated people in the West, of eight males and six females, reportedly died between 6 August and 19 September.

According to the Ministry of Health, of the people who died, six either died at home or on their way to the hospital. The deceased were aged between 46 and 82 years.

The number of coronavirus positive people whose deaths were attributed to serious medical condition they had before they contracted COVID-19 stands at 588.

Meanwhile, 32 new coronavirus cases were recorded in Fiji as of yesterday – seven of which were recorded on Saturday, 13 November, five on Sunday 14 November and 20 new cases in the 24 hours ending 8am Monday 15 November.

The new cases take to 52,359 the total number of coronavirus infections recorded in Fiji since the second wave of the outbreak began in April. Of these, 71% of the cases are from the central division, 28% from the western division, and 1% from the eastern and northern divisions.

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