Coverage will not be an issue: Education on North schools closure

Fiji’s Minister for Education Rosy Akbar says the extended closure of schools in the Northern Division will not affect their learning.

Students, she said will be given ample time to catch up on their studies and bring it to par with their counterparts in the other three divisions who have been given the go-ahead to resume classes from tomorrow, Monday 8 February.

Akbar said cleaning up is still in progress in some areas in the North, others do not have access to water and electricity. Some others remain home to Tropical Cyclone Ana evacuees such as Dreketi Central College, home to around 100 displaced Nabavatu villagers.

“We will assess the situation in the Northern Division and advise teachers, students and parents on the resumption of classes in due course. Heads of Schools are to continue to work with their teachers, communities and relevant authorities in cleaning up the schools and classrooms. The Ministry will make arrangements for school furniture as many school desks and chairs have been damaged by the recent cyclones and flooding.”

Akbar said the ministry will work with heads of schools in the North to determine the extent of damage to schools and obtain a list of students needing assistance with school stationeries.

Classes resume tomorrow for students in the eastern, western and central divisions after a 6-day school break as part of precautionary measures in the lead up to and post-TC Ana.

Photo: Extent of damage at Nabavatu village in Dreketi, post-TC Ana, that have forced some villagers to relocate. Supplied

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