Court remands Security Officer Accused of Murdering Young Woman in Bayview

Joni Raciri, a 49-year-old security officer, was remanded in custody by the Magistrates Court in Suva today, following accusations of the murder of a 21-year-old woman in Bayview Heights, Suva.

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Waleen George, Raciri faced charges of murder and causing grievous harm. The alleged incidents happened between 8 and 9pm on Friday, June 6.

Raciri was read the charges in the iTaukei language. Opting to be represented by the Legal Aid Commission, he was informed of his legal rights during the proceedings.

During the hearing, Police Prosecutor Luke Qerewaqa stated that the first phase of disclosures had been served to the accused, but the second phase was pending due to some outstanding documents.

Qerewaqa further clarified that there was no known relationship between Raciri, the deceased Nanise Rovovanua, and Setaita Rasea, the individual who was allegedly harmed.

Raciri was questioned about any medical conditions that would prevent him from being held at the Suva Remand Centre, to which he responded in the negative.

Given the gravity of the charges, as they are considered indictable offenses, the case was transferred to the High Court in Suva.

Chief Magistrate George denied bail for Raciri and advised him to make a formal bail application in the High Court.

The case is scheduled for its first call in the High Court in Suva on June 27.

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