Court Releases Fiji Former Elections Supervisor on Bail

Former Supervisor of Election Mohammed Saneem has been bailed for non cash bond of $10,000.

Appearing for the Prosecution Nancy Tikoisuva said they had no objection to bail but requested that a permanent address and that he surrender his passport.

Saneem was taken in for questioning on Friday evening at Police CID HQ and went on to spend the weekend at Totogo Police Station.

It is alleged that between the 1st day of June 2022 and 31st day of July 2022, at Suva in the Central Division, whilst being employed as a public official as the Supervisor of Elections of the Republic of Fiji, without lawful authority and reasonable excuse, asked for, and obtained a benefit for himself, that is, the approval and payment of deductible tax relief of more than $50,000 on his back pay from a senior Government official.

It is further alleged that the receipt, or expectation of the receipt, of the benefit would influence the accused in the exercise of his official duties as the then Supervisor of Elections.

The prosecution will file disclosures on March 19.

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