COP 28 Pledges Implementation Vital: Rabuka

Fiji will now embark on implementing ways and programmes to fulfil pledges the Government made at the COP 28 in Dubai last year.

Delivering a Ministerial Address to Parliament, Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka said it was important now to translate the commitments made at international levels such as COP to the people.

“We signed four additional pledges and declarations at COP28. These are:

  • The COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health.
  • The Climate Relief, Recovery and Peace Declaration.
  • The Gender Response, Just Transition & Climate Action Declaration; and the
  • UAE Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems, and Climate

“We will follow up on opportunities for these pledges to translate into tangible benefits for vulnerable small island developing states.”

“Following COP28 it is clear that irrespective of support and opportunities that exist, the Government must take the lead in ramping up domestic adaptation efforts. This means developing more robust and larger-scale climate financing proposals and engaging
effectively to support our access to finance.”

Rabuka said time was not on their side with climate change running rampage in Fiji.

“With this in mind, the Government will accelerate adaptation programming to build resilience and create a prosperous future for our communities.”

“Fiji may be recognised as a world leader for our efforts to lead on policy and international advocacy on climate change over the years, but we will be judged on our ability to deliver results.”

“No nation is exempt from the impacts of climate change. No nation can
address it alone. But if we work together, we can achieve much more. Keeping momentum on this priority is the only way to create the enabling environment for the peace, security, and prosperity we all expect from the future.”

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