Consult and Maintain Contact With the People: Fiji PM to PS’

Fiji’s Prime Minister and Minister for Civil Service Sitiveni Rabuka highlighted the importance of constant contact and consultation with the people in addressing permanent and senior secretaries of government in Suva this morning.

Addressing them during an induction workshop at Suvavou House Rabuka said that constant liaison with the people as imperative.

“Be with the people. Understand what they are saying,” he said adding that it is imperstive. “It is a critical step for a true, fair and real democracy in Fiji.”

He encouraged them not to shy away from criticism or feedback on social media platforms, comparing them to boxing champions who persevere despite facing numerous punches. Learning from criticism he told them would be instrumental the growth and improvement within the civil service.

They were also reminded of their responsibility to motivate their subordinates and colleagues to adhere to the values and ethos of civil service including ensuring confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and proper use of government resources.

During his speech he also acknowledged the presence of PS Education Selina Kuruleca, thanking her for accepting the role and “bearing with” government.

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