Complaints and drama unfold as Fiji awaits election date

The build-up to the 2022 General Elections has been marred by complaints from various political parties.

With some parties are having a go at each other, others were trying to sort out in-house conflict that may have caused conflict and confusion amongst each party’s supporters.

Recently, the FijiFirst party has filed numerous complaints to the Supervisor of Elections claiming that the National Federation Party and The People’s Alliance Party are continuously breaching electoral acts, the latest one against a PAP provisional candidate. FFP General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum accused the candidate of luring voters in by making promises and handing out volleyball kits.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum says to achieve a free and fair election, every political party will need to abide by the election laws that are in place.

FijiFirst Party also made complaints against NFP last month and details of the grievances have been investigated by FEO.

However, NFP’s recent complaint was dismissed by the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem and according to him, there’s not enough evidence to show proof of circulation of fake news.

NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad has urged Mr Saneem to look at every complaint fairly and not just focus on a political party.

Meanwhile, the Peoples Alliance Party has also made earlier claims that FFP has made several breaches of campaign rules.

TPA leader Sitiveni Rabuka has called out the Attorney General to stop playing hide and seek and announce the election date.

For SODELPA, party leader Viliame Gavoka has confirmed the party is in a stable condition as ever.

In an interview with Mai TV, Gavoka says the party is focusing on maintaining the policies and ideologies on which the party is founded. Gavoka has also dismissed speculation that there are members who want to remove him from his position.

Attempts by various political parties to keep an eye on each other have fallen into the hands of the Supervisor of Elections and voters are still in the dark as to when they will cast their vote.

As the nation awaits the announcement of the day of the election, the drama continues to unfold with parties trying to prove their worth in running the next government.

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