Commission pays out $15 million-plus in accident compensation

Fiji’s Accident Compensation Commission approved more than $15 million in payments to more than 400 applicants over the past three years.

Motor-vehicle related accidents made up most of the paid-out claims with 315 applications at around $12.77 million, followed by employment-related accidents at 126 costing $2.15million and 22 school-accidents related claims for which the commission paid out $141,000.

The commission also received 1,783 other applications, all of which are still being processed – 709 were motor vehicle-related, 948 employment accidents and 126 were school-related accidents.

According to the commission, payments are made on a no-fault basis. Meanwhile, the commission completed an awareness session in the North this week covering among others, the legislative framework, how compensations are paid, as well as exclusions.

The commission only started receiving employment and school-related accident applications since 1 January 2019 but had been accepting motor-vehicle-accident related forms since 1 January 2018.

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