Collaboration Critical in Fight Against Crime, And Drugs: Fiji Leader of Opposition Seruiratu

Fiji’s Leader of Opposition Inia Seruiratu is concerned over the increase in crime and drug-related issues in Fiji, insisting on the need to engage religious and community leaders “to ensure a more secure and safer Fiji.”

In a statement, Seruiratu pointed out recent stats shared by Fiji Police noting the 10 percent overall crime rate increase, with a 31% increase in crimes against women and a 94% uptick in drug cases, plus concerns about alleged tampering of drug evidence.

He said fighting drugs will continue to be a challenge, and sees no end in efforts against drugs subsiding given its lucrative price.

“As much as we want to work together; there is also a very critical need for our police officers to honor their role in upholding the law of this country and ensuring there is transparency and accountability within the force,” Seruiratu said.

He underscored the need for collective action to uphold national discipline and maintain law and order, to assist the current Acting Police Commissioner who he believes “should be surrounded by experienced people” to ensure a more secure and safer Fiji.

“It is vital that we ensure the effective collaboration between various religious bodies, denominations, relevant stakeholders, communities, and the government of the day.

“I commend the work of the Fiji Police Force for what they are trying to do to fight drugs however we need to re-look at our social structure where we can instill discipline starting from our very own families and various communities. This is not the time to play the blame game because the recent hike in drug busts and crime rate urgently needs our collective attention.

“We need to urgently engage religious leaders, the Vanua, and various community leaders because we cannot deny the fact that the Fiji Police Force needs as much help as they can get to curb the increase in crime against women and the peddling of illicit drugs.”

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