Close to 200,000 students to resume classes from tomorrow

Close to 200,000 students Fiji-wide are expected to be enrolled for studies from pre-school level up to year 13, in the 2021 academic year.

Of this, 189,000 in the pre-school and up to year-12 cohort will start classes from tomorrow including 5,794 students who will begin their formal learning journey enrolling for the first time at an Early Childhood Education Centre.

A further 7,159 students will pursue their final year of high school studies, in year 13, beginning 8 February.

In the new academic year, students will be taught by 13,099 teachers who are expected to return to school today to ready their classrooms for classes.

“No matter where they live or what their economic status is, every Fijian child deserves equal access to quality teaching,” Fiji’s Minister for Education Rosy Akbar reminded teachers in a statement to mark the 2021 academic year.

She also called for support and constructive views from parents and members of the school management in the children’s development and ensure each child has access to quality education and achieve excellence in their study area of choice.

 “Even as we continue to rebuild in the wake of TC Yasa and the ongoing health crisis, it is my hope that together we can find common ground on effective efforts to sustainably improve learning outcomes for our students.”

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