Celebrate responsibly, respect process: Fiji Police

Fiji Police are calling for calm, urging all Fijians to respect the political process following reports of stoning incidents targetting homes and businesses of Fijians of Indian descent.

In a statement, Fiji Commission of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho expressed concerns about recent developments urging everyone “to celebrate responsibly and with humility”, requesting the same of political party leaders to their supporters following the formation of Fiji’s coalition government of People Alliance/National Federation Party and SODELPA.

Chief Operations Officer (COO) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abdul Khan will be visiting political party leaders today to discuss the same.

“Through community policing efforts, community visitations are being conducted throughout Fiji, targeting business operators, religious institutions, and farming communities to provide assurance that we remain focused on ensuring a safe conducive environment for all Fijians during the post-election period,” Mr Qiliho said.

“We also call on social media users to be mindful of what they post, so as not to create unnecessary panic and fear based on rumours and unsubstantiated information.”

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