Cargo movements into lockdown areas

CARGO being transported into the lockdown area must be registered with the Department of transport first.

Those who wish send cargo into the lockdown zones must send detailed information to the Director for Transport Planning Division via email / or call on 9983245/ 9906244/ 9904889.

Businesses must adhere to the following:

i. Trucks carrying essential supplies shall be allowed to cross the lockdown borders.

ii. All trucks crossing the lockdown border will need to be decontaminated at the border prior to crossing.

iii. Trucking companies wishing to send their trucks across the borders shall provide the following:

  • a. Details of the driver(s) driving the truck(s) i.e. Name of Driver, Driving License, vehicle registration number and detailed manifest of cargo being transported;
  • b. A driver to drive the truck from point of origin to the locked-down border after which a separate driver is to be organized to drive the truck outside the border to the destination.
  • iv. In the event of a specialized vehicle, such as, fuel tankers, garbage disposal and construction vehicle, to name a few, that can only be driven by a qualified driver. The driver of the vehicle should not get off the cab, the vehicle will need to be sanitized at the border. The driver will drive the vehicle directly to the site and offloading will be conducted without the driver getting of the vehicle.
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