Can the Lion survive the red fire?

You will never write a better script than this rivalry!

Two school’s rugby powerhouses in the Southern division set up a Deans trophy final on western soil.

No one saw this coming, a rivalry that’s been there for ages, and when the dust settles this weekend, only time will tell if the prestigious Deans trophy will make its way to Kaunikuila or will the Lion march it through Vuya road to the Great School Hall.

Will it be “Marisi Au Cibi” or “It’s been Grammar tu ga”?

Red Fire

Once known to be one of the Deans’ trophy powerhouse however the title has evaded the boys from Kaunikuila for 44 years.

The last time Marist won the Deans was their first-ever three-peat victory in 1976, 1977, and 1978.

Marist have won it on four occasions and drew twice while neighbors Suva Grammar School won it in 2001 and drew with RKS in 2005.

The Red Fire brigade from Kaunikuila have been the underdogs ever since the quarter-finals but the question hangs in the balance if they have one final push in them.

They have dethroned the number one school from the East, last week they beat the number one team from the west and this Saturday the brothers will have to do it once again and tame the mighty Lion, the number one team from the South.

In Hoc Signo Vinces signifies the heart to conquer when the challenge is in front of you then the brothers are not there to make up the numbers, they will stand their ground, hold that Red Fire and they will fight till the last whistle.

The will to conquer has become fuel to that red fire and the urgency to strengthen them to perform beyond everyone’s expectations.

The Lion (It’s been Grammar Tu Ga)

You might have heard that fire wards off Lions but this only works in the jungle book. Lions are never afraid of fire but they will walk around it to see what’s going on

As humble as they are, all eyes are on Suva Grammar School to restore lost glory and salvage their Deans rugby drought.

Expect the unexpected when the Lion fights for survival and they will be ferocious leaving no stones unturned.

With the tenacity to have the courage that implies firmness of mind and will in the face of danger or extreme difficulty, they know that there is no room to be complacent when surrounded by fire.

If you search hard enough for something, you will eventually find it. This exemplifies their school motto, “Seek and ye shall find”.

The Lion has the experience to keep patience and they can wait for a long time until the prey comes closer. They have the awareness to know when is the right time to strike and when they do, you are not escaping their wrath.

The beauty about the Lion from Vuya road in Nasese is that when it goes hunting or battle, it hears the cry of its Lioness and that powers them to fight and maintain the dignity of the Lion’s Kingdom.

Expect the Grammarian community to come in a sea of blue and yellow this weekend and they will do anything to wrestle the coveted Deans trophy.

Remember, it’s not over until it’s over because the Lion can disguise itself to be weak, just when you thought you’ve won, the Lion will “DIVE”.

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