Call for better collective global action on tuna

World Tuna Day

For most of the Pacific island states tuna is a significant source of food and an economic driver yet the need for collective global action remains to sustain food sources. 

Permanent Representative of Fiji to the United Nations Dr Satyendra Prasad made the statement on behalf of Pacific Island Developing States (PSIDS) at the United Nations, as World Tuna Day was celebrated on May 2nd.

“The PSIDS region alone provides just less than 40 percent of the Global tuna catch.The Pacific states are reminding the world that it is in the interests of both the small states of the Pacific and of the world that this resource be managed sustainably,” Dr Prasad said.

Ambassador Prasad reminded the global audience that the tuna industry still faces challenges from illegal and overfishing, harmful subsidies to fishing companies and the impacts of climate change.

Also Pacific’s leading tuna expert Solomon Islands Dr Transform Aqorau said PSIDS is responsible for the sustainability of the tuna industry.

“Pacific Island states needed to think hard about the sustainability of the tuna industry.”

“Unsustainable levels of harvesting of the tuna resource was a challenge faced by many tuna producing nations across the world,”Dr Aqorau said.

Dr Aqorau also urged that Pacific island governments should invest its resources to expand the growth and viability of the tuna industry.

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