Bus companies try to remain viable

The Fiji Bus Operators Association (FBOA) is trying to maintain its services as a viable industry during this COVID-19 pandemic.

FBOA met with the Minister of Transport Faiyaz Koya to discuss issues pertaining to the economic impacts of COVID-19 and alternatives to help sustain the transport sector.

FBOA President Nisar Ali Shah said the bus industry has been hit hard during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“We thank the minister for taking the time to meet with us and listen to our concerns with genuine interest. While we are confronting many issues, we have also put forward potential solutions for the minister to consider.

“We are committed to working with the government to develop ways to alleviate the financial pressure on the bus industry during this period to ensure the traveling public continue to be served.”

Meanwhile, bus operators are also looking forward to the support from the government and regulatory agencies that will help sustain its services to the public.


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