Beware of Impersonators: LTA

Fiji’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) is warning members of the public to be wary of individuals posing as LTA officers and distributing vehicle transfer forms in public spaces.

LTA Acting Chief Executive Officer Irimaia Rokosawa said authorised LTA officers neither distribute application forms on the streets or in public spaces nor require documents including transfer documents to be signed in such spaces.

“All legitimate LTA transactions and interactions take place within the secure confines of our 20 branches located throughout the country,” Rokosawa said. “The Authority is committed to conducting its operations transparently and responsibly, ensuring the safety and security of the Fijian public, and further condemn the actions of these imposters trying to make a quick buck through fraudulent means.”

To safeguard against falling victim to these scams, Rokosawa urged all Fijians to exercise caution and remain vigilant.

“It is crucial to verify the credentials of anyone purporting to represent the LTA by requesting their official accreditation. If you are approached by someone claiming to be an LTA officer in such circumstances, it is imperative to report the incident immediately to police.”

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