Authorised essential businesses can operate during lockdown: Ministry of Trade

Essential businesses within the Suva-Nausori containment zone can operate during the lockdown period, effective today, provided they meet conditions set out by the Ministry of Commerce and Trade.

Business operators will need to submit their interest and details via email to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport (MCTTT), and provide evidence that they have safeguards in place to protect their employees, clients, and the Fijian population – all while supporting Fiji’s contact tracing and containment efforts. Businesses can only employ workers from within the respective containment areas.

“We have, in close partnership with our stakeholders, developed a set of mandatory COVID Safe protocols such as downloading the careFIJI app and providing employees with Personal Protective Equipment and transport to ensure these essential businesses can operate safely. We have a dedicated team set up at MCTTT who will be assessing applications and approving movement passes and business operations in line with the health protocols to operate during this period,” Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Trade Shaheen Ali said.

The ministry said it is also working closely with the relevant stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health and the Fiji Police to ensure the safe movement of goods, including to maritime areas, to ensure essential services continue through this pandemic.

In order to be considered, businesses must provide the following details, on the respective business letterhead, when requesting approval:

  •  Name of Company;
  • Company COVID-19 Response Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Vehicle registration numbers;
  • Names, address and ID numbers of all drivers/passengers;
  • Details of good/service;
  • Details of travel routes and time; and
  • Phone contact of essential travelling staff.
  • Applications are to be made to email: For any further queries and/or clarification, you may call phone: +679 998 6014.
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