The Australian Government has provided a contribution of FJ$81 million (equivalent to approximately AUS$55 million) to the Government of Fiji in the 2023-2024 national budget.

Fiji’s Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Professor Biman Prasad thanked the Australian Government for its continued support saying: “We are going through a very clear fiscal consolidation strategy and are working on a budget that will tread a fine balance between fiscal consolidation strategy, revenue strategy and expenditure strategy.”

The latest financial support brings to approximately FJ$290 million the Australian Government has provided in budget support over the last three years.

Australian High Commission Charge d’affaires Stuart Watts said Australia has provided approximately FJ$290 million in budget support over the last three years under the Vuvale Partnership between the two countries.

“As we together navigate our recovery from the devastating impacts of COVID, I want to acknowledge Fiji’s support for Australia’s own recovery efforts post-COVID and the natural disasters that have affected our nation,” Watts said. “This budget support would not have been possible without the many positive reforms the Government of Fiji has and continues to undertake. The governments of Fiji and Australia negotiate a range of ambitious reforms in the areas of public financial management, private sector-led economic recovery and enhancing climate disaster and social resilience. I commend the Coalition Government’s appetite to undertake such an ambitious reform initiative and successfully complete it.”

Fiji’s 2023-24 Budget is expected to be released June 30.

Photo: DINFO

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