Australia provides financial support for audit of Fiji voters’ register

The Australian Government is providing nearly $FJD260,000 to support the Electoral Commission in the audit of Fiji’s National Register of Voters.

Auditing of the NRV which lists all of Fiji’s voters will include an audit of procedures, an audit of IT systems, and statistical testing to assess the quality of the voter register and voters list through the “list of voters” and/or the “people to list method.”

The Multinational Observer Group that observed the 2018 Fijian Elections recommended the audit of the NRV.

Australian High Commissioner to Fiji John Feakes formalised their $258,000 support with an agreement signed with Electoral Commission Chairman Mukesh Nand in Suva recently.

“On the request of the Electoral Commission, Australia is pleased to provide a contribution to support its planned audit of the National Register of Voters. This will assist the Electoral Commission to implement a recommendation of the Multinational Observer Group for the 2018 Fijian Election.  Australia is providing funding directly to the Electoral Commission to conduct this work.  The Audit will be commissioned and managed by the Electoral Commission,” Feakes said.

Nand said the audit would help the EC determine the way the Fijian Elections Office is maintaining the register, and where necessary provide directions to the FEO to improve the way the register is kept.

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