As of now, no change to start of school: Education Ministry

Unless advised otherwise, school will start as previously announced, with years 8 to 13 returning to classroom learning from next Tuesday and those in kindy to year 7 resuming the following Monday on 10 January, Fiji’s Minister for Education Premila Kumar confirms.

In a statement, Kumar said the ministry will make an appropriate announcement if the situation changes.

“We are having daily discussions with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, WHO and UNICEF. Right now, the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts, Heads of Schools, and teachers are preparing schools for reopening and also stand ready to implement any additional measures that may be brought in by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services. I urge parents and student to take heed of the advisories issued by the MOHMS,” Kumar said.

“Some parents are saying that they don’t want to send their children to school. I can only say that we can’t force them to send their children to school. It’s their decision. The majority of the parents want their children to get back to school.”

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