ALPS Discharge Continue, and Adheres to Safety Standards: Japan Foreign Affairs Minister

Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Yoko Kamikawa today assured Pacific Island leaders that Japan will continue to liaise with Pacific Island countries regarding the discharge of Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS)treated water into the Pacific Ocean.

Kamikawa said they have also done continuous tests and have proven that the Pacific is safe.

Cook Islands Minister for Foreign Affairs Tingika Elikana who chaired the 5th Japan- Pacific Ministerial Interim meeting in Suva today also made mention of the same in his outcome statement released following the meeting.

“Regarding the discharge of ALPS treated water into the Pacific Ocean, Minister Kamikawa explained the Japanese Government’s position that the discharge has been carried out in accordance with relevant international safety standards and practices, and committed to continue working closely with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). 

“Minister Kamikawa also expressed her appreciation for the science-based discussions that Pacific Island Countries have been engaging in with Japan and the IAEA. The Ministers recognised the IAEA as the authority on nuclear safety, noted the IAEA Comprehensive Report issued on 4 July 2023 and concurred on the importance of being based on scientific evidence in this matter.”

PIF ministers welcomed the intensive dialogue with Japan and recalled the Communique of the 52nd Pacific Islands Forum Leaders, inter alia the importance of the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty (Rarotonga Treaty). The ministers concurred on maintaining the ALPS issue as a standing agenda item for PALM, supported by an ongoing dialogue process.

The 5th PALM Ministerial Interim Meeting (MIM) taking place in Suva is historic as it is the first to be held in the Pacific. It also served as a prelude ahead of the high-level PALM10 in Tokyo from 16-18 July 2024.

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