Axellerate Devo Babas’ seek to derive maximum benefit from rugby

Rugby as a way of life is something that rings true for a young side that is aiming to make the sport more than just a past time activity.

Based in Nadi, the Axellerate Devo Babas a team made up of young men who hail from Navakasali village in Bua.

The players who had travelled to Nadi were caught in the nationwide lockdown during the second wave of COVID-19 this year.

Vice captain of the team, Viliame Kinikinilau said the lockdown was a blessing in disguise because the time away from Bua helped them see the potential to better their game and be exposed to more skills.

“We came straight from the village and it was hard to adjust but over time we developed and grew accustomed to the way things were done,” Kinikinilau said.

President of the team Josefa Matau said their aim was to get the boys a secure source of income and push them to discover their full potential.

“We are more than just a team. This is a program where we will push them to the edge of endurance so they’re disciplined, remain humble and become hard workers,” Matau said.

Matau said he and the management of the team had every confidence in the team.

“I have no doubt these boys will achieve great things for themselves and their families. We keep telling them to focus on their goals which is to secure something good.”

“One of them only reached Class 3 but that doesn’t dampen his spirit and drive to achieve what the others have.”

This is the second major competition that this young side is playing in the first being the Malomalo 7s in Nadroga.

Photo: Lusi Banuve

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