$800K-plus payout to accident victims

In a little over a month, Fiji’s Accident Compensation Commission paid out more than $800,000 in compensation to victims of motor vehicle, employment and school accidents.

Between July end and 9 September, the commission paid close to $850,000, taking total payments paid in compensation since January 2018 to $21.4 million.

Of the total compensation paid to date, $16.5 million covered motor vehicle accidents, $4.6 million for employment accidents and $0.3 million for school accidents.

ACCF Chief Executive Parvez Akbar informed members of the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation (FCEF) during a virtual awareness session on 9 September.

The session also covered the rights, entitlements and obligations under the Accident Compensation Act 2017. Akbar highlighted the benefits of the scheme. In addition to this, he discussed the coverage of occupational diseases under the regulations and highlighted the key considerations for assessing any COVID-19 related applications.

Attendees were reminded that the annual motor vehicle accident levy has been exempted for the period 1 August 2021 till 31 July 2022.

Photo: ACCF

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