75 years of Peace in the Pacific lives on

Avoid a repeat of the devastation, a sentiment expressed by those gathered at the residence of the United States Ambassador to Fiji in Suva to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Among those gathered at Somerset House were heads of missions, uniformed officers, members of the diplomatic corps and Fijian Government officials.

Commemorated annually on September 2, the event marks the formal ending of World War II that was signified with the signing of the Instrument of Surrender aboard the American battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay in 1945.

Japan Ambassador Masahiro Omura said the peace and prosperity that is enjoyed now has been founded on precious sacrifices of the war dead.

“Among the countries I am responsible for, a very fierce battle was fought in Kiribati. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere mourning and condolences to the war dead of the armed forces, as well as the civilians and non military personnel who died in the war.”

Japan Ambassador Masahiro Omura

Omura also reiterated the call for global stability by Japan Prime Minister Abe : “We will continue to remain committed to this resolute pledge. Under the banner of ‘Proactive Contribution to Peace’ we are determined to join hands with the international community and play a greater role than ever before in resolving the various challenges facing the world.”

US Ambassador Joseph Cella also shared similar sentiments.

“We revel in this peace, prosperity, openness, stability and sovereignty. May we continue to strengthen it. And we remain vigilant in our preparedness to always defend it, always bearing the torch of freedom against tyranny and authoritarianism. And with the Almighty being the designer and creator of freedom, freedom always wins.”

US Ambassador Joseph Cella

Also present at the evening event on Wednesday, September 2 was Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Defence, National Security and Policing Manasa Lesuma who called for global cooperation during such unprecedented times.

“The end of the Second World War marked the beginning of the New World Order, where they have a relative peace around the world. Whilst the current world order does not guarantee that there will be no more great war or great power. We must want you to work through diplomacy, that a war between great powers like the second world war is avoided at all costs.

“Whilst there is competition  between the great powers, we must ensure it remains a competition and not escalate into a great power war, the world we live today cannot afford another great war.

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Defence, National Security and Policing Manasa Lesuma

“In our collective efforts for global peace we thank the Ambassador of the United States of America for the opportunity to be part of the peace in the Pacific day celebration. This is an indication of the government of the United States commitment to global peace and security.”

Meanwhile Fiji continues with its peacekeeping mission as part of the contribution to the lasting international security, stability and peace with adherence to international law and norms, including equality of all sovereign nations.

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