60 structural fires so far this year: Police

A farmhouse was completely destroyed and a home, partially, in two separate fire incidents this week, bringing to 60 total structural fire occurrences in eight months.

Police said the farmhouse fire at Naboutini in Sabeto yesterday morning allegedly spread from a nearby sugarcane field with damages estimated at $7000. In Kinoya, around midday today, a family escaped unharmed when their home located at Mangu Maharaj Place was partially destroyed.

Of the 60 fire incidents, the majority stemmed from electrical faults or unattended fire hazards that “could have been avoided” and nine were regarded as arson-related.

“We urge Fijians to be aware of fire hazards in and around their homes. If you are planning on leaving your homes vacant, please take the time to check and double check fire hazards and turn off all electrical appliances not in use.When you are home, please continue to check on all potential fire hazards as accidents can and do happen,” Police said.

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