6 of 11 new cases linked to Nadali/Vunimono cluster, with 3 more recoveries

Fiji’s Ministry of Health carried out 2,794 tests overnight, returning 11 positive results all recorded in Nausori, of which six are linked to the Nadali/Vunimono cluster.

All 11 tested positive in a contained environment, the Nadali/Vunimono case whilst in home isolation, and the other five, in a quarantine facility in Nausori.

The other five people initially tested negative for their entry swabs while being admitted to the facility, and returned positive tests for their second swabs in quarantine.

Authorities also confirmed that three more people have recovered, which brings the number of active cases in home isolation or quarantine facilities to 57.

Meanwhile, of the 23 cases reported since Saturday, 15 May, fifteen (15) were recorded in Nadali – for an average of three cases a day. Authorities cordoned off the area yesterday, instructing that no one leaves until everyone has been screened, swabbed and cleared.

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