539 Charged For Non-Sexual Offences in 2023

A total of 539 people were charged for serious crime offences in 2023.

Of the 539, sixty-four were under the age of 18 and 19 were police officers.

“This data is confined to incidents of serious crime (non-sexual violence offences) statistics. This data also includes offences committed by police officers.”

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions stated, “the serious offence counts for each month were: January (62), February (77), March (87), April (55), May (50), June (32), July (82), August (67), September (48), October (42), November (39), December (9).”

“There were 419 victims of the 650 counts of serious offences. Of the 419 victims, there were 71 cases where the accused and victim were related to one another.”

A total of 50 cases were withdrawn after discontinuances (Nolle Prosequi) were filed in 2023.

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