Fourty five thousand eligible for FNPF COVID19 support

FOURTY five thousand people may be eligible for COVID-19 assistance from the Fiji National Provident Fund but they must work with their employers to access their fund

The fund has identified 1,813 employers in the western division whose employees can get either $1000 or $500 from their superannuation fund.

FNFP Chief Executive Officer Jaoji Koroi said the list workplaces eligible for FNFP assistance was published on the funds digital platforms March 29 and were sent necessary documents via email.

So far the assistance extends only to FNFP members working in the tourism sector, those in the lock down zone; Lautoka, and those who are employed in businesses affected by the social distancing restriction.

Koroi clarified that this didn’t yet include those FNFP members who have lost their jobs in the central/eastern division but confirmed the funds management was in touch with government daily about a possible extension outside of the western division.

“The Fund will be coordinating this initial process with employers, so it’s important that members get in touch with their employers,” he said.

“After considering the health and safety restrictions that have been put in place, we decided that we would coordinate this initial process with employers because they are the ones who will be able to provide us with the status of their staff and the measures pertaining to their working hours that they have implemented due to the impact of the pandemic on their businesses.”

The onus is on employers to inform the fund about staff that are working at reduced hours, reduced wages or are on leave without pay.

In light of social distancing requirements, the fund is reducing physical contact between the FNFP and the public so members must use online means to access COVID19 support.

“… We plead with them to please check the list of companies, if your employer is listed, please get in touch with them. If the company you work for is not listed, please wait for our updates as we continue to monitor the situation nationwide,” Koroi said.

“We can’t stress enough the important role that employers play in this process because we will rely on the information they provide.”

“In our communication with Employers this morning, our team have also included a guide for employers when assisting their staff with the forms.”

Employers can upload information to the FNFP portals from April 1.

The fund will make payments to member bank accounts, MPAISA and via telegraphic money order (TMO).

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