126 arrested in 24 hours

Fiji’s Police Commissioner Briagdier General Sitiveni Qiliho said people breaking curfew and COVID19 measures are selfish after 126 arrests in the last 24 hours.

“If you intentionally choose to breach the COVID-19 restrictions, then be prepared to spend the long weekend in Police custody,” Brig-Gen Qiliho said. “The 126 people arrested in the last 24hours have shown their families and loved ones that they do not care about their lives.”

This is the third highest number of arrests over curfew and COVID19 protocol violators since Fijian authorities imposed curfew on March 10. Since then, 815 people have been arrested.

Of the 126, 67 were for curfew breaches, 56 for social gathering, one for lockdown breach and two foreigners arrested at Nadi Airport over breach of self-quarantine measures.

The most number of arrests was made in the West with 57 – 33 for curfew breaches and 24 for social gathering violation.

In the southern division, 29 were arrested -19 for curfew and ten (10) social gathering breaches.

Seventeen arrests were made in the eastern division – 14 for social gathering breaches and three (3) curfew breaches while in North, nine arrests were made – eight (8) social gathering breaches and one (1) curfew breach.

In the central division, the 11 arrests made were for curfew arrests.

Not all of the 126 people will be produced in court today. Some will await the next available court sitting next week.

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