10% Increase in Crime Reported in Jan: Fiji Police

Fiji Police recorded a 10 per cent increase in overall crime in the country, driven by increase in crimes against women and a significant rise in illicit drug cases.

Stats released by Fiji Police showed crimes against women increasing by 31%, with those reported in domestic settings accounting for 17% of cases.

Assaults causing bodily harm rose by 20%, while rape cases more than doubled.The Southern, Western, and Eastern Divisions experienced an increase in crimes against women, while the North and Central Divisions saw decreases.

Illicit drug cases rose by 94%, with methamphetamine and marijuana-related offenses prominent.

Acting Police Commissioner Juki Fong Chew reiterated the need for collaborative efforts to combat the drug trade.

Sexual offenses reported included rape, indecent assault, sexual assault, abduction, and incest, totaling 100 cases.

Despite the 10% overall crime increase, the monthly rate remains below the five-year average.

Chew highlighted the importance of community-police partnerships for safer communities, and reassured the public of the commitment of officers and urged support for crime prevention initiatives.

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